Or why I count the Nuremberg Trials crime worse than Holocaust itself

Yes, I said it loud and clear. Although it’s not the first turning point in history, it’s one of the most famous ones.

And yes, nazies should’ve been punished for their crimes. But we have a big problem — the winning side isn’t that better.

So, here are a two “why”:

  1. The Nuremberg Trials were “kangaroo courts” at best — the hypocrisy of allied nations, ex post facto charges, and the questionable validity of the court itself don’t sound like justice. …

Okay, you probably heard about that Great Reset story, or, at least, have seen some memes about it (or about Klaus Schwab's appearance).

And if you’re a kind of politically active person with a good memory, you would’ve remembered one more WEF-related story, which left a big legacy on the internet.

Remember when business cards were a big thing? And when I say big, I mean — BIG. Even movies sometimes had a whole scene concentrated on a business card only.

No, I don’t mean it’s not a thing anymore. Rather, I suppose you can safely say that it loses a bit of the charm in the new era. Of course, it’s not the same everywhere — at least in Japan, they’re still serious about meishi. Sometimes, however, business cards became something different and a very unique thing — when they’re trying to get away from boring pieces of paper.

Alexandr Lavrentyev

Full-stack developer in ISS Art company. Traveler, dreamer, programmer. I'm interested in thousands of different things, from data visualization to seasteading.

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